Why a Regular Service?

If more than half your journeys take fewer than 20km, you should change your oil every 5-7000km. There is a section in your handbook wide range of conditions where 10,000km oil changes do not apply. This can include, but is not limited to, dusty conditions, heavy loads, sustained high speeds, frequent short trips, stopstart driving and towing.

If a modern engine rattles or taps when cold, it may need thinner oil. Just topping up your engine with new oil is NOT the same as giving it an oil change. Contaminants that occur in everyday driving build up and will increase in concentration and need to be drained out. A car used for frequent short trips may not appear to use oil but contaminates build up.

Oil must be checked on a long drive because there can be a sudden drop in oil level after they boil out. Oil can clog up if not checked often enough. The 10,000km oil change should be treated as an absolute maximum. If your car does not cover that distance in 6 months, the oil should be changed regardless.

What should you do?

Check the oil on level ground after the car has been switched off for a couple of minutes to let the oil drain into the bottom of the engine, otherwise the dipstick will show a false low reading. Over filling can damage the engine.

Oil filters should be renewed with every oil change. Platinum Automotives will be able to tell you exactly which oil filter your car requires, and will be able to provide you with the model if a specific filter is required to maintain your new car warranty with a new car service.

Don’t ignore the oil warning light, even if there is plenty of oil in the engine.


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